25 imam hussain quotes and sayings

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  • Born : 10 January 626, Medina, Hejaz, Arabia
  • Parents : Ali ibn Abi Talib (father), Fatimah bint Muhammad (mother)
  • Died : 10 October 680 (aged 54)
  • Resting place : Imam Husayn Shrine, Karbala Governorate, Iraq 32°36′59″N 44°1′56.29″E
imam hussain quotes

25 imam hussain quotes

One who reveals your faults to you like a mirror is your true friend, and one who flatters you and covers up your faults is your enemy.

The most generous person is the one who offers help to those who do not expect him to help.

Hastiness is foolishness.

A person who considers you his friend will always stop you from doing anything bad, however, a person who considers you an enemy will always persuade you to do bad.

Never show off your happiness in front of a person who is sad.

Do not say something which would undermine your self-worth.

To me , death is nothing but happiness, and living under tyrants nothing but living in a hell.

Beware that the need of people to you is among the blessings of God to you. So do not scare away the needy people when they come to you, as the God’s blessings will return and go elsewhere.

Be patient, you noble ones. Death is only a bridge which takes you from misery and loss to the vast Paradise and the eternal graces.

Observe your physical health in your lifetime.

Among the signs of a learned man is criticizing his own words and being informed of various viewpoints.

Being thankful for a grace of God makes God reward you with another grace.

God will help the person who cares about other people’s needs, both in this world and the hereafter.

Seeking knowledge will lead you toward wisdom and elevation.

Kindness elevates human beings, and faithfulness is the sign of decency.

Whoever seeks the satisfaction of people through disobedience of Allah; Then Allah subjects him to people.

Avoid oppressing the one who does not have any supporter against you, other than the Almighty God.

Wisdom will not be gained, unless through following the right path.

Best of wealth is that with which one protects his fame and dignity.

Avoid doing what you might later be asked to apologize for it! Because the believer does not harm and does not ask for apology, while the hypocrite always harms and apologizes.

When you are frustrated and do not know a way out, only flexibility and moderation towards difficulties will save you.

The aim of my revolution is to reform the society and revive the true teachings of Islam.

The best way of maintaining family ties is through visiting the ones who have cut ties with you and haven’t visited you for a while.

The worst ruler is the one who is cowardly in front of his opponents and shows impotence. But he shows courage in front of the weak!

When you know that you are right, then do not care about life or wealth!

A rude person in all true meanings is the one who avoids greeting others.

The most generous person is the one who forgives while in power.

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